Mike Smith

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About Us


Mike Smith FPFS
Chartered Financial Planner 

Mike has been working in Financial Services for 17 years, he is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute which is the highest academic title
you can receive within the CII, he has advanced qualifications in Pensions, Investments, Taxation and most importantly Financial Planning.
Mike has a vast technical knowledge, however his key skill is to explain his advice in a clear and jargon free way, so that his clients can
clearly understand the advice they are given.

t. 07581 333 111


Life Assurance
Equity Release
Long Term Care
Pensions Simplification
Group Risk
Personal Taxation
Financial Planning
Mortgage Advise Qualification
Savings and Investments
Advanced Pensions
Advanced Taxation and Trusts
Advanced Personal Taxation and Trusts
Advance Holistic Planning


Financial Planning Certificate 1
Financial Planning Certificate 2
Financial Planning Certificate 3
Financial Administration FA1
Financial Administration FA2
Certificate Level  ER1
Certificate Level CF8
Certificate Level CF9
Certificate Level GR8
 Diploma Level J01
Diploma Level J02
Diploma Level J08
Diploma Level  MAQ 
Diploma Level  SV1
Diploma Level R01
 Advanced Diploma  Level G60
Advanced Diploma  Level G10
Advanced Diploma  Level AF1
Advanced Diploma  Level AF5

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